Equestrian Fitness Challenge - All NEW!


(Your team is you and your horse)

The new 2019 challenge is starting and I want to help transform you from a passenger to a leader in the saddle..

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"I get so excited when I think about how this free challenge can potentially change your communication - and therefore relationship - with your horse.

A fitter rider results in clearer, more consise aids, improved focus and concentration and the ability to move with your horse - meaning that you and your horse will finally be on the same sheet while riding"

Lorna Leeson || Creator of the 30 Day Rider Fitness Challenge

Here's why I'm so excited for you to join the absolutely free Equestrian Fitness Challenge...

Do you find yourself wishing for more effective aids? Maybe you just want to canter a circle or two (or three or four) without becoming red in the face? Or perhaps it's your 'stickability' and overall stability that needs a little work?

 The Equestrian Fitness Challenge will help all of the above - and is so easy to follow along with regardless of your lifestyle or circumstances; your results are almost guaranteed...  

1 Simple Workout a Day

In the past we had workbooks, filled with workouts...

They were time consuming and, well, exhausting!

2019 Equestrian Fitness Challenge is different. 

Just one simple and short workout a day.

1 Short Audio for Each Day

Rather than going all out, we are tailoring things back.

All created with the specific goal of helping you understand 'why' you do what you do in the saddle - and how becoming fitter will help you to do those things even better.

These audios will help keep you motivated, moving forward and getting the most out of the program - no rider left behind...


Join more than 50,000 riders from all over the world on a mission to become the best version of themselves in the saddle....

"...Thanks so much for creating this program! ...I've been getting slimmer, fitter, and stronger, and my horse and I are working together better than ever! ...I'm strong enough & have good enough body control to hold a good position, move with the horse & deliver clearer aids. I'm motivated to "work out" more often, and I've gotten a better self-image, as I am fitter, and more importantly, HEALTHIER than before. I truly appreciate everything, and I can't thank you enough!..." 

~ Tori - U.S

"...very easy to follow & having the tick boxes has for some reason made me stick at it...It highlighted where the weakness is in my riding...The program has made an immediate improvement in my riding even though I was pretty riding fit and would consider myself a strong rider...Thanks so much for this wonderful program..."

~ Christine - Australia

"...Thank you so much for creating these exercises, within the first week I felt much more confident and was way more balanced. You have helped so much I now enjoy my time in the saddle much more because of you. I'm going to continue these exercises since they've helped me so much, Thanks again..."

~ Sarah - U.S

So what will improving your fitness do for you as a rider? 

  • More stablility in the saddle
  • More effective aids
  • Greater coordination
  • Increase in focus and concentration in the saddle
  • Stronger core will result in a more independent seat
  • More working 'with' your horse, rather than bouncing against or feeling behind the movement


The important thing is to do something...

Join us today and make EVERY ride great